Who Is Behind The ADD Channel?

Ayman Samman and Lynnette Rozine Prock creators of The ADD Channel online sketch comedy website

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The ADD Channel is owned by Creacious Inc (which literally means “full of creations”). We feature playful individuals who make amazing things happen. We’re an outlet for actors, writers, producers and directors. Our mission is to capture our audience’s attention in one minute or less.


Ayman Samman is a clever man when it comes to comedy, editing, and music selections. He directs most of The ADD Channel episodes and even sometimes acts in them. His editing and music choices are spot-on. When he’s not playing around with The ADD Channel, he’s on stage, film, or TV. You may have seen him in American Sniper, NCIS LA, or Pretty Little Liars. Read more about him on his blog.

Rozine is behind the scenes of each ADD Channel episode. She’s a one-stop-shop for graphic design, brand marketing, and website development. She maintains an e-commerce site with over 10,000 products for sale. She is a published author and creator of a transformational website. Rozine is also known to give henna tattoos.

Co-Producer MEMBERS:


The following artists have contributed as writer, director, producer and/or production crew on more than one original series episode.

Ayman Samman actor director writer creator the ADD Channel

*AYMAN SAMMAN: After a successful career as an indie rock singer and a theatre actor in Egypt and Chicago, Ayman is now an actor and stand-up comedian working in Hollywood.

Lynnette Rozine Prock Art Director for The ADD Channel

*ROZINE: Artist, creator, and motivator. Thought that acting was a breeze until placed in front of the camera. Prefers to be behind-the-scenes. Loves spreadsheets and laughter.

Ken Stachnic DP cinematographer camera director filmmaker for the ADD Channel

*KEN STACHNIK: Ken Stachnik is a director, screenwriter, cinematographer & photographer in Los Angeles, CA. Ken has worked on more than 60 film sets — from low-budget independent films to major studio projects.

Mona Sumibcay Assitant Director for The ADD Channel

*MONA SUMIBCAY: A Lion alum from Loyola Marymount, she’s a hustler by day, a lover by night; swears by Crest Whitening and Sriracha.

Batia Parnass Director Writer Actress

*BATIA PARNASS: An actress. writer and creator extraordinaire. Delighted to produce and create comedy content with The ADD Channel.

Peter Nikkos Actor

*PETER NIKKOS: Personal credo is “Forgiveness Over Permission.” Greek-born, Chicago-raised actor, writer, director, producer, big-time animal advocate. Various usages of “FUCK” are at his disposal.

Eva Tingley celebrity actress headshot by Lesley Bohm Photography

*EVA TINGLEY: Artist scheming to write, produce and create art by way of talkies. Making funny faces and rolling my eyes in front of the camera.

Kerry Smith actress on comedy show The ADD Channel

KERRY MICHELLE SMITH: Actress, improviser, queen of mischief. Grew up in the Silicon Valley and could have made millions, but couldn’t sit still long enough to learn how to code. Oooh, shiny things!

These actors are also Super Stars, Hilarious Contributors, and The Funniest Entourage in LA:

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Stephanie Drake is Meredith on Mad Men

STEPHANIE DRAKE: Actress known for Mad Men (2007), Chicxulub (2006) and TNT’s Franklin & Bash & Rizzoli & Isles Spin Offs (2013)

Vanessa Herrera Actress on the ADD Channel

VANESSA HERRERA: Mexican by birth, Angelina by choice. Acting for her life and living for her trade. Child-like curiosity that ends in mischief. Smiling every day and dreaming big every night.

Erin Brown Headshot

ERIN BROWN: Erin Brown has appeared on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, Lifetime’s My Crazy Ex, Fox’s Good Day NY, and the front pages of Funny Or Die. She has interviewed Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Garry Marshall, Jane Lynch, Josh Radnor, Jason Ritter, Kathy Griffin, and Lewis Black.

Actress Monique Carmona stars in two episodes of The Virtual Zone on the ADD Channel

MONIQUE CARMONA: Actress and Playwrite, Monique Carmona has a deep love for great stories and great characters. Whether its writing, acting, she’s all about diving in and uncovering the gold in the human spirit.

Sandra Seeling Lipski actress for comedy website the ADD Channel

SANDRA SEELING-LIPSKI: has successfully acted in TV and Film productions such as; CSI NY (TV), Brüno (Film), In Case of Emergency (TV), Bachelor Party 2, The Last Temptation (Film), My Mother (Film), Coyote (Film), The Ring Thing (Film) etc.

YoShanna Malcolm Shanna Malcolm YouTube Personality Actress Comedy The ADD Channel

SHANNA MALCOLM: bio coming soon…

Richard Cassone comedy actor for the ADD Channel

RICH CASSONE: After living in Paris, moved to LA to pursue his dream of going to casting director workshops. His friend Spaggio Scoiattolo gave him a supporting role in his web-series, “That Squirrel DID WHAT?!” which has brought him neither acclaim nor ease, but a few threats to TP his Hollywood bungalow.

brisco diggs comedic actor for the ADD channel

BRISCO DIGGS: born June 1, 1962 in Harlem NYC. He is a triple threat entertainer and Host of his own series Reel Talk.

Robert Alex Actor

ROBERT ALEX: I act, and I love money. Want more @WorldOfRobert on every handle.

Actor for The Virtual Zone on The ADD Channel Jordon Hodges

JORDON HODGES: Voted by his high school graduating class “Most Talkative” & “Most Likely to be on COPS”. Jordon is highly-active in the entertainment industry as a writer, producer and actor. Still working on getting onto COPS.

Paulo de Sousa actor for the add channel

PAULO DE SOUSA: After boarding school in Portugal and upon completing higher studies in South Africa, returned to his native Zambia and for 10 years reached a level of unprecedented entertainment related “Fame”.

Gary Matthew actor for the add channel

GARY MATTHEW: actor/ producer  and zoologist. Advanced rock climber and world traveler. Has a strong love for animals and a thirst for knowledge.

Amro Salama The ADD Channel The Virtual Zone

AMRO SALAMA: Two to three sentences??… “Uhhh.. Happy to be a part of The Virtual Zone’s first season!! .. Seriously, only two to three sentences?

Arlene Parness actress for the ADD Channel

ARLENE PARNESS: Began as a top L.A. dancer. Loves comedy more then life itself. Played a nasty cat for orbit gum. Did a scene with Ann Hathaway in Garry Marshall’s “Valentine’s Day” Was directed and picked by John Stamos.

Bobby Reed Pic for ADD Channel

BOBBY REED: 75+ plays, 100+ films, multiple television appearances and 35 web series and pilots, Bobby keeps cranking out the creative product, year after year. He’s also a well known marketing coach, trying to teach performers that the only thing that counts in show business is longevity.

Elaine Mello The ADD Channel The Virtual Zone Swingers Party

ELAINE MELLO: Elaine loves to be inspired! Her work with The ADD Channel is as rewarding, as it is fun. In particular, she loves to act, write produce and of course, can’t leave out, sing in the shower, loudly.

Andrew Staton Actor Stunt Man at The ADD Channel The Virtual Zone

ANDREW STATON: Trained in Michigan, proven in Chicago, living in LA. Andrew is an actor and stuntman (in that order) who is very happy to be part of The ADD Channel. You can see his work and contact him at www.andrewstaton.com.

Jessica Amal Rice The ADD Channel The Virtual Zone

JESSICA AMAL RICE: Los Angeles native with Palestinian and European roots. Jessica has performed all over the United States and Europe with the Jumpitz. She is honored to be part of The ADD Channel’s new series “The Virtual Zone”!


LEOPOLD NUNAN: Award-winning performer, singer/songwriter, dancer, actor, model and choreographer with roots native to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. A chameleon, he charismatically transforms into more than 500 characters he has created for the stage.

Josh Polizzi The ADD Channel The Virtual Zone

JOSH POLIZZI: Actor, lover, master of nothing. I am proud to be part of this great project. I rode a bicycle for a year to prepare for this role, and I know that was a good idea! Enjoy.

Actor for The Virtual Zone on The ADD Channel, Will Brunson

WILL BRUNSON: Born in TX, lived in NYC, now feels at home in LA working in TV and Film! Will has a passion for portraying eccentric characters and will do just about anything to bring his zany and quirky characters to life….well, ALMOST anything.

Cavin Gray Commercial The ADD Channel The Virtual Zone

CAVIN GRAY: Since 2007, Cavin has been consistently delivering feature films and commercials that entertain, inspire, and thrill. Cavin feels a responsibility to use his talents and passions to enrich the lives of everyone who watches.

Dominique Allen Actor Personality LA Los Angeles The ADD Channel

DOMINIQUE ALLEN: bio & photo coming soon…

BLAKE FIEGERT: bio & photo coming soon…

ADRIAN VATSKY: bio & photo coming soon…

MICHAEL COLLINS: bio & photo coming soon…

JOHN MAZZER: bio & photo coming soon…