American Sniper Parody – Arabian Sniper Trailer Mashup

Published on April 3, 2015 by The ADD Channel

Arabian Sniper is an American Sniper Parody

American Sniper Parody

Arabian Sniper is a parody trailer reversing the Sniper roles and how people perceive heroes. Following the controversy from the film, The ADD Channel decided what better way to make light of an otherwise dark and heavy situation? Besides our very own, Ayman Samman, was in the movie, directed by Clint Eastwood.

Have you ever considered that American Snipers look to be heroes from an American’s point of view, but that Arabs probably see American Snipers as assholes. You know, the same way American’s see Arabian Snipers as assholes, while Arabs see their own as heroes. So confusing! Hopefully our American Sniper parody trailer will help make sense of it all, all while making you laugh.

“One man’s American Sniper is another man’s Arabian Sniper.”

We made this video by editing the original trailer of American Sniper to feature a different perspective. Enjoy!


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