Extreme Baby Yoga In Egypt with Culture Clash

Published on April 3, 2015 by The ADD Channel

Culture Clash is a comedy show that features Youtube’s worst videos and other current cultural topics. Hosted by Clash.

In this episode, Clash features a horrifying Baby Yoga instruction video that uses REAL babies in their demonstration.

Here’s a link to the original baby yoga video.

Clash also talks about the US Government shutdown and its zero effect on the people.

CULTURE CLASS is written, acted and directed by Ayman Samman. Do you have any topics you’d like Clash to expose to the general population? Leave a video comment on youtube, or make a suggestion below. Maybe Clash will feature you. Clash will definitely culture you.

Would you ever do baby yoga? With your own baby? Or someone else’s? We’re kidding. This is a comedy channel.


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