Where’s My Missed Connection? FROM Craigslist Missed Connections

Published on April 3, 2015 by The ADD Channel

We are glued to our smart phones, laptops and have way more friends online than we do in real life. We communicate better through a keyboard than in person. Girl on craigslist posts because no one is noticing her attempts at making missed connections in real life. Reenacted by Vanessa Herrera for The Virtual Zone.

“Everywhere I go, I scan my surroundings and wonder if osmeone is secretly plotting a CL missed connection post for me. “We locked eyes briefly at the CVS as you were picking out those heavy flow tampons. You smiled at me so innocently. If this is you tell me what I was wearing”


I drive down the interstate and look in all the cars and then come home to check CL to see if anyone missed a connection with the “Sexy dark haired girl in the Honda going towards the Philly International Airport on I95, you eyeballed me and picked your nose. I want to take you out.”

Still nothing.

I get up every day, shower, get dressed and go out just so someone can miss a connection a look for me on CL.

Don’t approach me in public. I’m waiting for you here.”

Starring: Vanessa Herrera
Producer/Cinematographer: Rozine
Director: Ayman Samman

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The Virtual Zone portrays real people who post on craigslist. Our talent mix of actors bring this reality to life.

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