Housewife Looking for Discreet Relationship on Craigslist

Published on April 4, 2015 by The ADD Channel

The Virtual Zone is a satirical mockumentary web series based on real Craigslist personal classified ads (Missed Connections, Casual Encounters, For Sale, Beauty Services etc.) posted by a real housewife and reenacted by a cast of talented and very funny actors.

Will horny housewife score a discreet relationship from Craigslist?

“I’m already involved with someone and don’t want to change that.

I’m just very sexual and since my man is on the road all of the time for work my needs aren’t quite met.

If you are a bit older it doesn’t matter because I kinda like mature guys. it’s a turn on. I get pleasure from women too so if you have a woman you want to bring along with you that would be a plus. If we have a good time together then maybe we could to it again. This must be REALLY discreet if you don’t know how to keep your mouth quiet then don’t bother.”

Starring: Monique Carmona and Ayman Samman
Producer/Cinematographer: Rozine
Director: Ayman Samman

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