Pricasso Paintings Offensive? Or, Brilliant Resourcefulness?

Published on April 6, 2015 by The ADD Channel

In this episode, Clash features an Australian artist who paints with his penis instead of paint brushes. He’s know as Pricasso.

#CultureClash is a comedy show that features Youtube’s weirdest videos and other current cultural topics. Hosted by Clash. And no, he’s not related to Guns N’ Roses’ guitarist Slash.


Hey, welcome to Culture Clash. I’m Clash and I will culture you.

It’s this time of the year again when everyone wants to get their portrait painted by a penis.

Hey there are much worse things a man can do with his penis. Like putting it in a soda bottle because your buddy Brian dared you and then he showed you some nude pictures so you got hard while in the bottle and you had to go to the ER so they can peal the freakin’ bottle off your throbbing penis! But, I digress. So, Dickasso, tell us about your technique?

Simple enough. Dip the penis in the head of penis in the paint and paint away. Is it just me or did he sound a bit cocky? So Vincent Van Shlong, how did you discover your Phallus..Phallent..I mean Talent!

Ha ha they rejected him by giving him the shaft! Okay no more penis puns!

Why do you have to be naked? I don’t get naked to pee. And believe me I’ve done some pee art back in the day.

I said no more puns! I have one concern? How does the paint feel on your wee wee?

Oookay. Who am I to judge a new form of prickspression? Don’t forget to subscribe, comment and share. Until next time, I’m Clash and I cultured you.

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