Rugs Don’t Match Your Carpet, Ma’am? RETROMERCIALS by Ayman Samman

Published on April 3, 2015 by The ADD Channel

Here at The ADD Channel, we focus on distractions. RetroMercials (Revisited) is just one of many web-series to help kill your boredom. In this episode, we took an ancient commercial about rugs (look at those hair styles, dude!) and over dubbed the narration to turn it into a really ridiculous commercial about seducing a women (without her consent).

“Your drapes don’t match your carpet? Well, just take a few sips of this coffee while I find the perfect rugs for you. No, no, no. Just sit your ass down.”

“Mmmm… coffee.”

“Looks like the rufies are working. I’m gonna cover your ass in carpets. Check this out. Does this match, ma’am? Uh, mint?”

“Why are the doors locked?”

“Now, guess what these carpets are made of. I have a huge erection that I’m hiding behind the carpets right now. This one is made of pubes, ma’am.”

“Who’s that naked guy over there?”

“Just finish that coffee, will ya?”

Voiceover by Ayman Samman

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