Stomach Pain Relief Vintage Commercial with Dancing and Music

Published on April 3, 2015 by The ADD Channel

The ADD Channel Stomach Pain Relief Vintage Commercial

Watch this original The ADD Channel series RETROMERCIAL, (vintage commercial vignette) about Stomach Pain Relief through dancing in a hula skirt in Hawaii or wherever you may be in whichever Vintage outfit you might be wearing.

Start dancing and move your belly. Strengthen your core while watching this funny video. Old advertising is funny! The vintage outfits and lifestyles portray mid-century living. Stomach pain relief through The ADD Channel.

Note::: This is not medical advice, just a suggestion that we could all loosen up and laugh just a little bit. Laughter is the best of medicines. Laugh it all out! Don’t judge it. Just emote. Please? Try it. Have more fun with life.

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